Thirsty Thursday: Morning Breeze


Please join me in welcoming this new aspect of my blog! Thirsty Thursday: The Healthy Way!

Just last April I hopped on the “Juicing” bandwagon and I love it! Not only is it nutritious, it’s fast, easy, and DELICIOUS! haha i rhymed! Each week you can come back and get a new tasty recipe. If you’re not a juicer, do not fear! I will also be posting smoothie recipes! Today I decided to make what i call “Morning Breeze.” With both cucumber and grapes, it is such a refreshing drink. To make this you’ll need:


1 Large Cucumber (or 2 Regular sized ones)
3 Red Apples
1.5 Cups of Red Grapes
2 Cups Spinach
and a juicer

I usually start off by getting my ingredients ready and cutting the apples in half since they won’t fit in my juicer. Once they’re all ready I just put it all in! It doesn’t particularly matter which order but I always like to start with the apples or cucumber since they make the most juice. And if you’re worried about putting spinach in your juice, you can’t even taste it!  The only tip I can give you on this juice is to STIR STIR STIR! there’s lots of separation in this recipe.


P.S. Shout out to mi madre who let me come pick the HUGE cucumber from her garden!


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