Thirsty Thursday: Autumn Refresher


Happy Thirsty Thursday my friends! Today I had a little inspiration from one of my best friends Libby. It’s her birthday and she’s from good ole Georgia so I wanted to do a recipe with some juicy Georgia peaches. When I first read this recipe I didn’t think it would taste much like fall but I have to admit, I was wrong. Something about the apples and the pears gave it a perfect fall taste!

This is what you’ll need:


3 Pears
2 (Georgia) Peaches – pitted and pealed
1 Apple
1/2 Lime
2 Kale Leaves

Just put it all in your juicer and then stir! Luckily, this juice is a little thicker than others and doesn’t separate easily. It has a bit of a smoothie like consistency. I hope you enjoy 🙂 oh and p.s. if you take the stems out you can eat the puree too. It looks a little like baby food but it is also delicious!



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