Breakfast of Champions

I’m sure everyone has their own opinion on what a “Breakfast of Champions” might look like. To my brother I’m sure it would include steak, potatoes, and maybe even a good beer (my family is Irish after all.) However, my breakfast of champions is something a little more reasonable: Quiche.

Quiche is one of those breakfast foods that really have to opportunity to be extremely healthy. Keep in mind, you have to be careful when making quiche. If you don’t watch what you’re putting in it (i.e. cream and lots of cheese)  you could end up with a high calorie and high fat breakfast.

mini quiche

So why do I love quiche so much? Well I can guarantee you that is has nothing to do with the fact that my mom makes me little quiches that I freeze and pop in the microwave every morning. No no… that has nothing to do with it ;).  I love quiche because eggs are the main ingredient and when you combine that with low fat milk, a lean meat, and some vegetables you can get a well rounded breakfast that is high in protein – which keeps you full longer. Livestrong did a wonderful article titled “How Healthy is Quiche?” in which they included the nutritional facts of eggs.

“Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein, making them a good addition to a well-balanced diet. Eggs are a good food for weight management because they offer satiety and energy for a small number of calories. Protein also contributes to healthy muscles, skin and hair. Including a couple of egg yolks in your quiche increases your choline intake, a nutrient that supports your brain by aiding in signal transmission among your brain cells. Antioxidants in egg yolks play a role in healthy vision and protect your eyes from age-related deterioration. Eggs also contain B vitamins for energy and iron, which is important for blood flow. Adding vegetables to your quiche increases your vitamin A and C intake, important for healthy immunity; and potassium intake, which plays a role in healthy blood pressure levels. Low-fat cheese adds calcium, which is important for your bones.”

How can you say no to quiche’s now? Not only is it easy it has a multitude of nutrition.

Now the moment you all have been waiting for ……. (drumroll please) ……. the recipe of my mom’s mini-quiches.

Mini Quiche Recipe

And don’t forget! You can freeze them! After you set them in the freezer and they have had time to freeze you can just throw them in a ziplock back. I take them out in the morning and just pop them in the microwave for a minute and a half! Its as easy as poppin’ a waffle in the toaster- except this is way healthier.


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