Are You Cray Cray For Tay Tay?

If you aren’t you definitely should be. Taylor Swift has done it again, rockin’ The Grammy’s on January 26 with her live performance of “All Too Well.” For those of you who aren’t T-Swizzle fans you may not know the magnitude of this performance. She wasn’t supposed to play “All Too Well” originally but after her fans started trending #AllTooWellAtTheGrammys on twitter, the star changed her performance only 3 days before the live airing.

Taylor Swift Grammy Performance 2014

Even though Taylor left The Grammys empty handed, her fans still loved her all the more. Why?

1. She made her fans the priority. She listened to them. She used social media, specifically Twitter, to give her fans what they wanted. Instances like this are the reason Taylor Swift fans are loyal to her. They feel as if she actually cares and if you ask me, I believe she actually does.

2. She took a risk. Let’s be honest, do you know any other singer who changed their Grammy performance 3 days before the live airing because their fans requested it? I sure don’t but that didn’t stop Taylor. She knew what her fans wanted and she gave it to them.

3. She taught them a valuable lesson. Nothing is too big to accomplish. You want Taylor to play “All Too Well” at The Grammys? Find a way to make it happen. Everyone came together to make a change – and even though this time it was a merely a song at The Grammy’s, she taught her her fans that their opinion matters. They can make a difference.

image_2 imageimage_1

Taylor Swift has continued to amaze me with her Public Relations. She knows the public and her fans have gotten her where she is today and will continue to push her career forward. And in the midst of it she’s kept her dignity. She hasn’t forgotten her morals and where she came from.

I started following Taylor around Nashville just a little over 8 years ago. I watched her perform locally at The Wildhorse Saloon, I saw her open for Rascal Flatts, and I’ve been to every single one of her headliners in Nashville. I love Taylor but not just because her music is awesome. I love Taylor because I remember when she would stay hours after a show to meet every single person who wanted to meet her. She’s a little too famous for that now but she still listens to all of her fans.  She hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be human. She’s an excellent role model not only for her fans but also for other artists.


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