Looking for an Internship? Well Nivea is looking for an intern and they seem to have a pretty creative interview process.

Just the other day Nivea announced their latest contest – #interngram. They are in search of a creative digital intern and they’ve decided to use Instagram as their application process. They’ve challenged students to use instagram to show off their creativity.  

The challenge starts with candidates choosing one of three options: 

… a) express your creativity, b) show us your confidence or c) prove your pace. How? Take a photo or make a video that brings your chosen challenge – and your skills—to life.

The challenge is not only helping promote Nivea but also encouraging their potential interns get creative. It’s pretty smart on Nivea’s end too to reach out via social media for a few reasons:

  1. They can do a little background search on their applicants via their social media (aka stalk their interns)
  2. It promotes their brand by making an internship application public
  3. It gets people involved via likes and shares!

Makes you wonder how other companies might get creative in the future with their internships! 


One thought on “#INTERNGRAM

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