The Man Was Naked

Uganda Trip 1

For many Belmont University students this phrase may make you laugh. It takes you back to a time when we received a security notice Fall 2013 describing a man that stepped out of his car in front of a dorm and “the man was naked.” Obviously this is nothing to joke about but since no one was harmed (only mentally traumatized) it was a little funny.

The other day as we were driving around Jinja this phrase popped into my head. It wasn’t by coincidence but rather because a man was sitting naked on the side of the road.  He wasn’t a threat and he didn’t mean any harm. After all, he was covering himself with a little cloth but there he sat, naked. All of the sudden I became embarrassed for the man. I couldn’t imagine having no choice but to sit on the side of the road, naked.

My heart broke for this man. He had no money to even put clothes on his back. I wondered, When will his next meal be? When will he get a good nights sleep again? When will he be able to buy clothes? Something so simple as clothes…

This thought drew me back to when I was in the Dominican Republic last summer. I noticed many of the girls wore hand-me-down clothes there. It broke my heart to think that these girls will never be able to shop for clothes but will only be able to wear what they were given from Americans. The same goes for most of the women and children here in Africa. Many of the clothes they wear have been given to them. In fact, I’d dare to say most of the world lives this way. But what do you do for the homeless (or in this case, hutless) when everyone else is already wearing the hand-me-downs?

This is a question I’m still pondering. I wonder if the man ever got clothes or if he still sits there clothes-less on the street. Really only God knows but I know that tonight I will be praying for all the naked people of the world so that they may be clothed – not only physically but in His strength and grace.


4 thoughts on “The Man Was Naked

  1. Love your stories Sarah … I forward them to my sister in Oklahoma as well – she too appreciates all you do…

  2. Sarah, my brother, Andy, sends me your blogs. You seem to be given quite an opportunity to “see the world” through compassion and tenderness. We need more young adults like you!

    • Thank you so much to both you and your brother! It’s a very humbling experience to be here and I feel extremely blessed to see the world the way the people here see it! I’ll be posting a new one today or tomorrow 🙂

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